Service Case Studies

National Grid

ISRU are often asked to provide an independent view on statistical aspects such as modelling methodology and survey design and analysis. ISRU have worked extensively with the UK gas transmission industry (now National Grid). One project was to determine sample size and sample selection methodology for a major survey of their assets. After reviewing data availability, the work involved sample size calculations and advising on methodology for selecting a random, representative sample which would give precise estimates efficiently. A well constructed questionnaire and measurement protocol were developed and thorough follow up ensured a very high response rate. After assuring the quality of the data, estimates of asset properties were obtained using weighted mean values and presented with appropriate confidence intervals. In addition, extensive statistical analysis was carried out to look for relationships between different aspects of the data. The statistical analysis helped improve understanding of the performance of the assets as well as produce credible results.


ISRU delivered an organisation improvement programme to Aviva, the UK’s leading insurer and fifth largest insurance group in the world at their corporate headquarters in London. The corporate office IT function provides global IT & telecommunications support to the group’s 800 top executives. Key corporate staff were trained in Continuous Improvement tools and techniques and subsequently applied them within their work environment for business benefit. Four major improvement projects were undertaken during the 6 month programme. Projects addressed key problems such as right first time delivery and configuration of IT devices, helpdesk service efficiency and IT procurement. Aviva identified the requirement for improved process efficiencies as a result of fierce competitive markets where cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness are fundamental to long-term success.


ISRU have helped with the organisation of several conferences aimed at showcasing and promoting the benefits of applied statistical analysis. It is important to seek feedback from conference goers and ISRU devised a questionnaire to be used after conferences of the European Network of Business and Industrial Statistics, ENBIS. In one version of this questionnaire, ISRU used a cutting-edge market research tool, conjoint analysis, to gather views on how future conferences should be run. Conjoint analysis asks people to CONsider a number of aspects JOINTly and is used frequently in testing customer acceptance of new product and service design. ENBIS conference goers overwhelmingly supported conferences with presentations by business and industrial practitioners.


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