Regionally Funded Projects

ISRU delivered a regionally funded project to support Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the North East region. The project's aim was to provide support for SMEs in designated clusters, enabling them to identify and implement a range of statistical techniques for business improvement via the Six Sigma strategy. SMEs were successfully shown how to utilise Six Sigma tools in their R&D and manufacturing environments. By the end of the three-year project, 25 North East companies had received intensive support with many others provided with basic advice and awareness of cutting-edge techniques.

Example project successes were:

  • the application of Six Sigma tools led to a more reliable and stronger bonded joint between stack pipe and chest drainage tubing
  • the elimination of an open-air impregnation stage due to the application of a new resin made a filter manufacturing process more environmentally friendly
  • the use of a new methodology for reliability testing led to the production of more valid product warranties
  • the application of optimum process settings identified by a Designed Experiment approach resulted in a long term improvement in environmental performance
  • the identification of significant differences between actual assembly and test procedures flow and standard assembly and test procedures flow led to process improvement

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