Manufacturing Case Studies

Draeger Safety UK

Since 2001, ISRU have supported Draeger Safety UK, a leading manufacturer of innovative products for personal protection, by implementing a series of programmes to improve business performance. These programmes have allowed Draeger to significantly improve manufacturing efficiency and adopt more robust methodologies within research and development activities. Training and coaching frameworks have been applied that address organisational change and workforce deployment issues, in addition to delivering technical tools and methodologies. Staff members across various departments have undertaken programmes of work such as the board of directors, the manufacturing manager, the quality manager, senior and junior engineers and the research and development team. A recent work programme implemented into the organisation a statistical approach to testing new products that will provide greater confidence in releasing product to the customer and produced a guide for subsequent reliability testing across current and future products.

Wavin UK (Holdings)

ISRU implemented Continuous Improvement tools & techniques into the Brandon manufacturing site of Wavin UK (Holdings), a leading European supplier of plastic pipe systems. Workshop delivery and project support was provided to a team comprising of Wavin process engineers. The programme allowed Wavin to significantly reduce existing scrap rates, reduce customer complaints and develop in-house skills and expertise in process improvement tools and techniques. The programme was conducted in 5 stages following the Six Sigma strategy: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control and allowed Wavin staff to understand and quantify process performance by collecting statistically valid data, identify and verify causes affecting key input and output process variables, make process improvements to eliminate/reduce scrap and costs and establish sustainability plans to ensure long term process improvement. After the programme Wavin sought further opportunities for implementing statistical tools in other areas of its operations and initiated training for other employees in Continuous Improvement tools & techniques.

Parker Domnick Hunter

ISRU delivered a programme in Lean Six Sigma to members of staff from two divisions of Parker Domnick Hunter, an international group of companies dedicated to the provision of high quality filtration, separation and purification products for a wide range of industries and applications. Training workshops and project work were conducted in 5 stages over a 6-month period and included the implementation of tools and techniques such as Value Stream Mapping, Measurement Systems Analysis, Statistical Capability Studies, Statistical Process Control, Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Design of Experiments, Poka-Yoke and Standard Operating Procedures. One of the projects focused on reducing the number of rubber mount failures on a specific range of gas generator products both before release to customer and within the customer environment. Solving this problem led to an increase in Process Cycle Efficiency, a reduction in lead time and most importantly a more reliable, less noisy and less vibrating product within the customer environment. Operating procedures were implemented to ensure sustainability of the product improvements. Parker Domnick Hunter has since trained other members of staff in Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques.


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