ISRU Directors

Mr. Matt Linsley - Director

Matt joined the unit in 1999 after graduating from the School of Mathematics and Statistics with a Masters in Mathematics and Statistics. He has worked for business and industrial clients within the manufacturing, service and healthcare sectors, finding innovative solutions to practical problems. He has nearly 10 years experience in outreach including consultancy, organisation development, training, and placement student supervision.


Dr. Shirley Coleman - Technical Director

Shirley is an applied statistician who has worked in manufacturing, sales, finance, planning and health both as consultant and trainer. She has gained experience via practical work with companies needing solutions to problems. Having wide experience has enabled her to draw on a wide range of techniques when tackling problems and knowing the importance of workable solutions motivates her to timely completion of projects.


Dr. Colin Herron - Associate Director

Colin started his engineering career as an apprentice tool maker which begun a 30 year association with the automotive industry. Since 2005 he has been Manager of the Best Practice Dissemination Team for One North East, engaged in bringing the best of international manufacturing practices to the region. His current role is Manager for Manufacturing and Productivity which covers the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS).


Prof. John Matthews - Director of Outreach and Development

John joined the University in 1987 as a Lecturer and was promoted to Professor of Medical Statistics in 1998. He is the main link to the School of Mathematics and Statistics as a whole.


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