Sensory Testing of Food

The main project output was to develop a methodology for the calibration of sensory testing of food in contact with paper and board. It consisted of a written formula for preparation of calibration samples and how to train the testing panel to use these calibration samples. Harmonised test methods with means for calibration were urgently needed by the paper industry for use in trade specifications. Calibration systems would also be beneficial for quality assessment of produced materials within converter, printing plant etc. Calibsensory provided the food industry with a means of assessing the quality of purchased packaging materials.

The first step of the project was to create formulas for calibration samples. The second step was to establish training procedures for sensory panels on the use of these calibration samples. Finally, an inter-comparison test was performed to determine the practical viability of the formulas and training procedure. ISRU provided statistical expertise during the three year project.


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