Innovative Research

ISRU were recently partners in the Network of Excellence for Innovative Production Machines and Systems (I*PROMS), funded under the EU Sixth Framework Programme for a duration of five years. I*PROMS addresses innovative manufacturing research in an integrated manner in order to reshape this research area and overcome its current fragmentation.

More information on I*PROMS can be found at

The Network integrates the activities of leading EU research institutions in the field of production research. These institutions possess wide-ranging and complementary human and material resources. This will enable I*PROMS to cover all future research priorities in the field without being prematurely restricted to particular, narrow topics that could lose their significance with time.

I*PROMS is developing concepts, tools and techniques enabling the creation and operation of flexible, re-configurable, fault-tolerant and eco- and user-friendly manufacturing systems that can react to customer needs, environmental requirements, design inputs, and material / process / labour availability to manufacture high quality, cost-effective products.

At present, I*PROMS comprises 30 member institutions representing 14 European countries. They have committed 139 research staff and 71 PhD students to prosecuting the joint programme of activities developed by the Network. In addition to the core research partners, I*PROMS also includes associate partners to assist with the dissemination of results and spreading of excellence to research and user communities beyond the network.


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