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The aim of Pro-Enbis was to promote the widespread use of sound science driven applied statistical methods in European business and industry. The Thematic Network developed partnerships within Europe to support selected projects at the forefront of industrial and business statistics. The network entered into a contract with the European Union; consequently, the EU provided funding to the network to achieve specific outcomes. Ten European institutes committed themselves to a work plan over a three year period. These institutes were the co-ordinator, ISRU, and the nine principal contractors. They were assisted by more than 20 partners. The contractors were responsible for a number of deliverables, which had to be carried out in the three year period. Deliverables related to the network’s aim to provide a forum for the dissemination of industrial statistical methodology within Europe. Typical deliverables were workshops, papers in scientific journals and industrial visits.

ENBIS is the European Network for Business and Industrial statistics. The aims of ENBIS are to:

  • Foster and facilitate the application and understanding of statistical methods to the benefit of European business and industry,
  • Provide a forum for the dynamic exchange of ideas and facilitate networking among statistical practitioners (a statistical practitioner is any person using statistical methods whether formally trained or not),
  • Nurture interactions and professional development of statistical practitioners regionally and internationally.

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Our ENBIS partners include:

Greenfield Research


Quantex Research

Technical University of Catalonia


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