Building Emotion Into Design

KENSYS was a three-year European funded project. It was a combined research, demonstration and dissemination action aimed at introducing a new concept of developing products based on the integration of user’s preferences in terms of emotional requirements. The focus of the project was to incorporate consumers’ psychological feelings about a product into the product design. If the emotions inspired by particular design elements can be correctly identified it is possible to design a product with instant appeal to a target audience. Production Semantics, Kansei Engineering and software development were integrated in the project. Non technical actions were a key part of the project to achieve a wide implementation of the methodology in industry. The project was carried out mainly in the footwear industry but involved the participation of experts in other sectors to develop a general and widely applicable methodology.

ISRU was a research partner alongside academic institutions from France and Spain. Each partner provided differing expertise in industrial sectors and techniques. Deliverables of the KENSYS project were to introduce Kansei Engineering as a viable tool, to develop a methodology by which Kansei Engineering could be applied to the design of any product and to produce a computerised system capable of mapping emotive words to design elements.


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