ISRU staff have been improving business performance across the service, manufacturing and healthcare sectors for over twenty years. The unit provides a dedicated consulting service for implementing cutting edge improvement methodologies. Projects can last a number of years, performing work on an ad-hoc basis, or shorter term contracts of a few weeks or days. See case studies for examples.

ISRU operates by:

  • a careful and thorough understanding of client needs. This may involve revisiting client’s decision making processes (e.g. on initial scope, candidate selection, project topic) to ensure focussed progress
  • offering consulting and learning patterns which fit organisational and individual situations
  • quickly identifying ways in which the unit can co-operate with individuals, groups and organisations to identify materials, opportunities and projects which can maximise client value
  • developing long term relationships with organisations, individuals and partners to ensure sustainable programmes

“ISRU provided a health check on our sampling procedures and were able to recommend a more suitable continuous improvement methodology to replace the overly complicated and outdated acceptance sampling methods previously used. The ISRU personnel who worked on the project presented their findings to the senior management in a language that non-technical staff and management could easily understand.”

Niall Spare, NHS Business Services Authority


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