ISRU has extensive experience of providing tailored learning and support programmes to organisations throughout Europe to enable staff to achieve significant organisational benefits. ISRU consultants have developed and delivered bespoke training in a wide range of service, manufacturing and healthcare settings. ISRU operate by:

  • a careful and thorough understanding of client’s needs. This may involve revisiting client’s decision making processes (e.g. on initial scope, candidate selection, project topic) to ensure focussed progress
  • offering learning patterns which fit organisational and individual candidate’s situations
  • quickly identifying ways in which ISRU can co-operate with individuals, groups and organisations to identify materials, opportunities and projects which maximise client value
  • developing long term relationships with organisations, individuals and partners to ensure sustainable programmes

ISRU bespoke programmes are fully flexible learning solutions. The exact content, timescales, structure and running of the programme are designed to specification based on an understanding of the organisation's needs, objectives and current culture. ISRU are aware that companies often have their own favoured nomenclature for development and training activities and are happy to discuss with the organisation suitable words and phrases that will encourage enthusiasm in the trainees and support initiatives within the organisation.


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